Milky Way Rising

Milky Way Rising

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The beauty of Zion National Park is overwhelming. As you descend into the canyon, you are engulfed by towering cliffs and immersed in a land seemingly untouched by civilization. And as incredible as this place is during the day, it’s even more stunning after dark. Watching planets and stars wheel through the sky while the wind rushes through the canyon is surreal. You feel completely separated from reality, as if time doesn’t exist.

I wanted to capture these feelings of wonder and awe with this project. After hiking all day, I scouted out my location and positioned my tripod and camera before sunset, then waited for the core of the Milky Way to rise high over the Watchman around 4:30 am. I tried to nap off and on, but was just too excited and couldn’t keep my eyes off the sky.

This image epitomizes the close collaboration maintained between the Estes & Schmitt cofounders, Blake Estes and myself, Sam Deery-Schmitt. Blake taught me how to shoot landscape astrophotography, and while on an extended camping trip with my sister in the spring I had my first real opportunity to test my skills on my own in dark skies. Blake processed the data I captured, resulting in this spectacular image.

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